Date that 20-something. Buy that Porsche. Just don't do it alone.

The Latest Advances in mid-life crisis management technology all in one place. Manage your affairs, recover from an unplanned, $63,000 purchase. Lose 10 pounds. Dress 20 years younger. We won't judge you.

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Affair manager

  • Never get caught.
  • Reserve a room in advance.

Impulse Purchaser

  • Manage the crippling monthly paments for those implants.
  • Plan your next impulse purchase of that time share in Tijuana.

Cougar Makeover

  • Lose 10 lbs in a week.
  • Fashion help from real 16 yr olds!
  • Flirting tips for wooing the pool boy.

Plus these other great tools: 24/7 Alibi service, support forums, classifieds

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"This website saved my marriage, without my wife even knowing it."

- John Stock**** from B*****, MA